27 de septiembre de 2010

Breaking Dawn Actress Nikki Reed to Become Director?

Although Twilighters will certainly miss The Twilight Saga cast after both Breaking Dawn films finish in theaters in 2012, fans may miss Nikki Reed the most since Reed recently revealed that she will go behind the camera to start a different career.

According to HollywoodLife, Breaking Dawn star Nikki Reed recently revealed that she wants to branch off into other areas of the film industry after Breaking Dawn wraps. At the L.A. premiere of Last Day of Summer, Reed recently admitted her potential future plans after The Twilight Saga. “I directed a music video a few months ago, which was really awesome, and is a direction I want to move in. [I want to do more] directing, producing – just creating. I feel like this industry has so much to offer and at times it’s so easy to just get stuck in one category and, to be honest, that category is really full right now.”

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